Services rendered by the Office

Tax Services

Preparation, auditing and submission of declarations and forms, submission of tax consultations, auditing of contracts, auditing and settlement of all types of taxes, assumption of tax examination in collaboration with the firm or Company.

Auditing works

Auditing, issuance of annual, quarter and bi-annual reports as per standards, evaluation of performance of Company, and important departments therein, auditing and approval of the financial statements.

Accounting works

Management of accounting cycle in establishment, keeping of books, registration, enrolment in accounting programs, preparation of accounts manual, preparation and registration of accounts as per the Egyptian accounting standards, preparation of statements of salaries, deductions of insurances, taxes … etc

Evaluation of capitals of the Companies

The accounting evaluation process as per the balance sheet approved by auditors of the Company, and their analyses, in addition to what is included in the detailed report of auditing works

Legal consultations

Rendering of legal services through legal advisors, incorporation of companies, entering into contracts and amendments.

Financial and administrative consultations

Economic feasibility studies or expansions or new projects, assistance in selection of accounting systems and programs, and accountants.